PartyFunLights Selfie Ring LED Light 26 cm - Tripod, Phone Holder with USB Plug

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Product description

Create quality photos and videos with the selfie ring light. Place your phone in the holder, use the switch to select your desired settings and let your creativity do the rest. The LED ring light improves the quality of your photos and videos and it will make you look great on screen. This ring light is suitable for both professional and recreational use. You can choose from 3 different shades of white light: cool, neutral and warm. This together with the ajustable brightness feature makes you able to create the perfect lighting in any situation. Also, the phone holder and ring light's positions are 360° adjustable, which allows you to find the perfect angle to capture your image. Included in the box is a small tripod to which you can secure the ring light. It is also possible to attach this ring light to any other tripod with a 6mm thread. The diameter of the ring light is 26cm. This is a USB powered device, so you can plug it into your phone's charger, your laptop/desktop, power bank, or any other USB power source.

Box contents

  • Selfie Ring LED Light
  • Small Tripod
  • Phone Holder
  • USB cable + switch
  • Safety instructions


  • Plastic Ring Light  
  • Phone holder + Ring Light 360° adjustable
  • Phone Holder: 5.5 – 8cm
  • 3 Light Modes and dimmable
  • Cable Length: 200cm
  • LED Power: 24W
  • Color Temp : 3000-4700-6400K
  • Brightness: 20-1000lm


  • Ring Diameter: Ø260mm
  • Total Kit Height: 40cm
  • Package: 290x270x45mm

Product specifications


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